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//You are VIOLET BLACK, courier for the Takinawa Corporation.

//On your back rests the [REDACTED], an object that will tip the balance of power in MEGA DETROIT 2055

//Chased, hunted, and cornered by the Monahan Corporation atop the Alex J. Murphy building, you now face one last run:

//to the bottom

How To Play:

Z - Time Dilation

X - Shoot Left

C - Shoot Right

Left, Right, Up, Down Arrows - Move


1. Above your character are the time dilation and ammo bars

2. When you run out of ammo you have a sword. The sword is devastating to enemies and gives you bonus points per kill but is super risky to use

3. When you kill enemies, they will drop their weapon. Grab it to get new weapons or refill your ammo

4. When you dilate time your meter goes down. The meter will refill if you aren't using it. If you expend it all, the meter will take longer to refill.

VIOLET BLACK was made in three stressful days for #CYBERPUNKJAM

 - Featuring an awesome theme song by Dan Fisher. Check out more of his stuff at his Bandcamp and take a look at his upcoming game Retro Runner: Princess Power 

- All SFX from freesound.org

For more information visit: